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Financing Essentials

Getting the Best Finance Solution for your Property is fundamental to your purchase – whether you are an Investor or you are buying your First Home. We will perform an obligation free comparison of all available mortgage products from a lender panel of quality home loan providers and then provide a tailored mortgage recommendation for your individual circumstance.

For an Investor?

Investment property offers a very popular way to generate wealth in Australia.  Many people purchase property as part of their Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investment strategy.  Savvy investors even consider commercial property investment options.

One of the best ways to maximise the ROI on your property investment is by obtaining an investment loan product that offers a very competitive interest rate and loan features that reduce your borrowing costs. Interest Only Mortgages are a great example of a Home Loan product Investors consider when considering how to finance their investment property.

We give you access to a very wide range of Home Loan Products for Investors from Australias’s biggest lenders.

For your First Home?

Financing Your First Home can be a daunting experience. First of all you need to make sure you are getting all of the government concessions and grants that are applicable to your circumstances. Secondly, you need to determine a budget and mortgage borrowing capacity. How much can you comfortably afford to borrow for your first home? What risks would you actually face if mortgage interest rates rise? How can you protect yourself from a rise in interest rates, or the loss of an income?

As part of our free service to you, we don’t not simply arrange a home loan. We also help you to work through these questions. Our goal is to help you secure the purchase of your first home. We help you identify and obtain concessions and grants available to you in your state. We then explain the benefits and costs of the features that different mortgage lenders offer you. Our goal is to ensure you understand the benefits and potential risks when financing your first home.

It is critical that you feel comfortable that the home loan you obtain is not simply providing you with a great rate. It also needs to match your current needs. For example, if one partner needs to stop work for a period of time, can the mortgage repayments be made flexible?

To get a good deal that fits your lifestyle you will need to understand the different options available to you, since selecting some of these options could save you $1,000′s or lock you in unnecessarily. Before you get a Home Loan you need to understand things like Honeymoon Rate, Offset Facilities, Redraw Facilities, Fees, and Penalties.

This is where we help. Our Home Loans specialist will explain the options and help you decide on the best Home Loan in the market to suit your needs. There are literally Hundreds of Home Loans in the market to choose from.